Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy V.D.

                                               Harry B. Sanderford
                                     I went to the store
                                     to buy you a card.
                            They all seemed so mushy,
                                    deciding was hard.
                                    I looked at them all,
                                  every one on the shelf,
                                    and finally decided
                                   to make one myself.
                                  So,I cut and I pasted,
                                   great gobs of gluey
                                   paper were wasted.
                                   I cut out little hearts
                            I thought you might like to see,
                                      and for the front,
                                    a big HAPPY V.D.!
                                    Speaking of which,
                                I suppose I should say...
                                  That the V. and the D.
                                stand for Valentine's Day.
                                    I'm pointing this out,
                                  lest you take it to mind,
                                   that  this card be one,
                                    of the Get Well kind.
                               Nope, that's not the case.
                            What this card's meant to say,
                                   is wont you be mine,
                                on this Valentine's Day?


Sugar said...

I will.

eb said...

love it, harry! great minds! but your poetry made me smile today. you're a good man! :)

Cathy Webster (Olliffe) said...

Man, I thought you'd never ask!!!
Did you seriously make the card? Adorable!
Almost as cute as that poem.
Eb's right!

Michael Solender said...

what is a little shot of pc amongst friends? well done hal.

Harry said...

Exactly MJS!
Yep, I seriously did make that card Cathy!
See what I meant EB? :)
Will ya Sugar? Cool!

Stephen said...

You see, I'm so glad that that poem explains itself as it goes along... it could have gone so wrong otherwise. lol.