Wednesday, February 16, 2011


 By  Sugar and Harry B. Sanderford

Love lies sleeping on a white sand beach.  The tide washed her up
and has yet to reclaim her. Starfish and fiddler crabs loll in shallow
pools or dodge plastic shovels unconcerned that love burns
nearby. Fearing the riptide that could drag her back under,
Love longs for a safe harbor. Embraced by the dunes and warmed
by the sunlight, a gull's haunting laugh taunts her but she does 
not stir. Love is not lost, only dreaming and I am in her dream.

 Sugar is the sweet combination of Tinkerbell and all things pink who occasionally channels  Mae West. She is proprietor of the 6S Sugar Shack where she goes heavy on the spirits and easy on the eyes.  You can find more of her sweet musings here:

Today is Sugar Wendy's Birthday! Happy Birthday Sugar!


Sugar said...

What a perfect birthday destination! Love and I can sun ourselves. :) Thank you for writing with me and for posting this.

Harry said...

Shoot Sugar, thank YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Rebecca Emin said...

I love this! The photo is absolutely gorgeous too.