Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sugar Shack

By Sugar Wendy and Harry B.
Sunshine slid a cup of coffee across the bar and poured milk from a can until Harry signaled whoa. He watched Harry a moment waiting for that first sip of java to gear up a conversation and when it didn’t offered, “Gol-ding it all, Harry, you look like da pure shit dis mornin'; when da las’ time you slep’?"
Harry had a pretty good idea how he looked without Sugar’s bulky beer-slinger pointing it out so he answered Sunshine’s question with one of his own, “When’s the last time you changed the coffee grounds?”

Sugar slipped in through the door behind the bar carrying bags of fruit and bottles of rum from the float up market, and griped, “Can a girl get a little help or are you two gonna be staring each other down like a pair of gorillas all day?”

Sugar, proprietor and namesake of the little island watering hole known as the Sugar Shack, did not intend to referee rounds between Harry and Sunshine and warned them, “If you two can’t put your differences aside and figure out how to get along, then by God, I’m outta here!”

Looking remorseful Sunshine gathered the bags in his big hands and lifted them onto the bar declaring, "Trus’ me, Miz Sugar, I don’ wanna pray to da devil an’ quarrel wif Harry all day long so if you go, I go. Ain’t no Sunshine when you gone.”
Sugar is the sweet combination of Tinkerbell and all things pink who occasionally channels Mae West. Why don't you come up and see me sometime? She is proprietor of the 6S Sugar Shack where she goes heavy on the spirits and easy on the eyes.