Friday, April 26, 2013

Good Morning Six

I see the guitar that my cousin played in prison, is floating with the tv in the swimming pool. A topless girl is sleeping sunny side down on the picnic table, her hands tucked prayerfully under one sweaty cheek, her face innocent as a three year old sleeping off a big day at the carnival. The girl must have called it a night early because every surface of the table she does not occupy, is covered with empty bottles and cans. If lifted away carefully, a constellation of her would remain.

Duke trots over to where Joey has passed out on the lawn, drops a slobbery tennis ball in his face and I hear from inside, others beginning to grumble and groan awake.

I zip up after the longest whizz of my life, spot a half full Corona on the girl’s table, tilt the cigarette butt out along with the lime and drink a toast to another fine Saturday morning.


This Six was a response to a challenge Gita Smith threw down on the now defunkt Six Sentences site. Her challenge was to write a Six using the first line of a song for the first sentence. I chose Jim White's, Handcuffed To A Fence In Mississippi but used the line I like best rather than the very first.


John Wiswell said...

I liked that she was sleeping sunny side down. That line made me chuckle.

Zelda said...

I went to a party like that once. I don't think I was the girl on the table though.

Gita Smith said...

Today, I wandered into your yard, looked around, peeked in a window and saw your sleeping keyboard. Your muse was standing in your kitchen looking for something to eat. You were nowhere to be seen. GET YOUR AQSS IN THE CHAIR HARRY and write another one as good as this one!
Your Mother

Anonymous said...

One of my all-time favorites, Sanderford or otherwise.

Harry said...

Thanks, Mom...and Dad? ;) I know I know, I know, my keyboard has been collecting dust. Maybe something for Halloween. :)

The Blue Jay Cafe said...

Good job.

The Blue Jay Cafe said...

Good job.