Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Interview With Mary Hanlon Stone

Mary Hanlon Stone, co-star/interrogator of ABC's Take The Money And Run fields a few from me At The Bijou.





HARRY B SANDERFORD -- You're the star that's born out of how queries and theories add insight to what's spinnin' 'round this here world of ours.

AT THE BIJOU is showing a major pileup of hits from some places called Los Angeles and Beverly Hills today ... hmmmm

SUPERB INTERVIEW ... and I sure trust ya liked the music track I added to background your prowess and Mary's quite wonderful responsorials.

~ Ever your grinnin' fan,
~ Absolutely*Kate ... AT THE BIJOU
and ramblin' 'round WebTowne

Cathy Webster (Olliffe) said...

Ok.. gotta check this out... Harry B Sanderford interviewing famous actress babes at the Bijou? How could I not?


{{ Oh that Mrs Webster -- She's my hero in the Enthusia realm! }}

Gita Smith said...

Well done, Harry! That was a fun read. You should have asked her for a job on set as an extra. Didja ever hear back from the fly fishing magazine?