Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I have a piece up at Jeannette Cheezum's Cavalcadeofstars today.



Kevin Michaels said...

And it's an excellent piece - I'll re-post my comments:
Really enjoyed it - thought it was very well written, with great details and vivid, sharp descriptions (from the thunderheads on the horizon to the songs on the radio to Freebird on the jukebox with the crack of balls on the pool table). Felt like I was sitting there in the truck and again at the bar. Excellent story!

Cathy Webster (Olliffe) said...

Harry that was FABULOUS, my friend, FABULOUS. You have such a tender, honest way with your characters and, like someone else said, it was a pure treat to see a longer piece from you. Still, it wasn't long enough - I really wanted to read more! Nice, nice work.

Harry said...

Thanks Kevin & Thanks Cathy!

This is the beginning of something longer. Not sure when I'll get it all worked out but I'm glad to get the positive feedback from top-notch writers like yourselves. Thanks again!

John Wiswell said...

Wordpress won't let me comment over there. It's such a finicky system. But I liked the story, it had such character. The interjection of "cringing, he gave the knob a twist…MY MONEY, MY BITCHES, MY…then one more again half-spin…" made me snort.

Stephen said...

It looks like 18 months wasn't near enough for Jack to get over Abigail. He's still drowning his sorrows. An interesting story, Harry, one that certainly piqued my interest for more.