Saturday, October 16, 2010


By Harry G. Peakman

(my Uncle Harry)


I've bolted all the windows

     and I've locked up every door

And I've spread much lovely garlic

     all around the floor


I'll not have interruptions

     from goblins, ghouls 'n such

(So highly overrated-

     they don't amount to much)


I've grouped the herbs and crystals,

     bat wings and turnip blood

There's mummied hand, a "skeeter" fin,

     foul waters from a flood


A wiggle of the uvula,

     five lopsided soles,

Pelargonium juices

     and some droppings from the moles


Seven twigs lantana,

     toad's eye a la carte,

A batch of hiccups from a muse

     and diced rhinocerous heart


There's toenails from new kittens,

     a mouse that's been giraffed-

Oh, all the stores and charms and things

     to keep my wiles a craft


So when Halloween is dawning

     and the night is turning rough

I'll be busy in the basement

     o'er a cauldron stirring stuff


Laurita said...

I love this. The bit about turnip blood - priceless!

Sugar said...

It looks like creative eye of newt juices run in your family, Har!

Let the hell broth boil and bubble!! Muahahahahaha

Crybbe666 said...

Harry, what a fun poem. Absolutely loved the "droppings from a mole" line. Made me have one of those "Oh no, snorted coffee on the keyboard" moments!

Jodi MacArthur said...

Bubbling pot of hell. Trick or traet? I thnk I'll take teh crystals and run. Graet halloween fun!

Erin Cole said...

What imaginings you've got stirring in that me some ideas:)
Loved this great Halloween poem, and have linked to it on my blog!

Karen from Mentor said...

"A wiggle of the uvula"

Best line I've read in a song or poem since "My blood's so mad feels like coagulating" -[Eve of Destruction]

I've always wanted to work the word uvula into casual conversation. Seeing it in a poem made me light up with GLEE.

Karen :0)