Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sugar, Them's Ears Not Handles

Harry B. Sanderford
Sleepy's hand carresses Cowboy's cheek then tosses his hat and grabs a yank of hair. Cowboy's thinkin' Sleepy might throw dogies in the rodeo as the little lady hauls his face into place. But he don't mind the scenery none, kinda takes to it, thinks maybe he'll settle down here. Sleepy closes her eyes and her lips form a small o as Cowboy whispers his muffled story punctuated with kisses. Before long the sleepy cowgirl lets out a breathy sigh, gasps a new lungful, arches her back and shudders. Her small o is a larger molar showin' O, then it's "OOOOOmygod!" Cowboy, (thinkin' if'n he had his hat on he'd take it off) glances up for a second and Sleepy gives a look that sorta scares the cowpuncher, then in a voice he don't much care for screams, "DONTYOUDARESTOP!" Cowboy's ridden some 'n been throw'd by others, but he weren't ever meant for pullin' up short on the trail. He whoops a giddyup 'n kicks it in for another stretch.


Madam Z said...

Sleepy's one lucky cowgirl!

John Wiswell said...

Passionate to the point of being cute, with how grammar and spelling break down around enthusiasm. Thanks for sharing, Harry - now get a room!

Sugar said...

YEE-HAW! Giddy-up and git along little doggies, this cowgirl is pullin' on her cowgirl boots and lookin' for a cowpoke!