Friday, June 17, 2011

Meet Virginia

Ringing brought Jeanette out of her trance, probably saving the man’s life. Still straddling the sap she could now see was sapped, she released him allowing him to slump back unconscious and fished the source of ringing from his shirt pocket. Another damn Iphone, the german cockroach of electronics. She was fingering the talk button when she noticed her formerly subdued sap had not only roused but had the actual audacity to be eyeballing her inner thighs where her skirt had hiked over. Looking down where he had drawn a bead she said, “Enjoying the view? Well, how about a nice close look?” She reached down between her legs, slid her fingers along her left thigh and holding Sappy's rapt attention, retrieved the silver derringer from her garter and poked the muzzle in his face. “Meet Virginia. You got about one second to start talkin’ Buster. Who’s on the other end of this phone?”

“Careful with that pea-shooter Ma’am, I’m just following orders. I was supposed to keep you in the dark for a spell and that’s all. I never meant you no harm, I was just coming to see if you needed some juice, I swear.”

Jeanette wasn’t buying it and Sappy’s sniveling only repulsed her. The phone had stopped ringing. She drew Virginia back keeping the gun aimed between his eyes and held the cell out. “Call them back. Tell them you were in the bathroom. Tell them everything is ok and make it convincing.”

The man began to blubber and Jeanette realized he feared making the call more than he feared being shot. Who the hell are these guys, she wondered. She had an idea of course. But, would he really go to these lengths?  She felt suddenly hot-and worse-wet! She jumped up standing over the pathetic whimpering excuse for a man who had just quite literally pissed himself.  Enough is enough, she thought and squeezed the trigger.

Jeanette's troubles all started right here:


Cathy Webster (Olliffe) said...

This was GREAT, Harry! Were you thinking of this old song when you named the character? Because I'm thinking this was sappy-guy's tune just before Virginia blew her stack.
Happy Friday!

Harry said...

Ha! No, I never heard that one before but I was thinking of Train's Meet Virginia when I titled it:

Thanks Cathy!

Cathy Webster (Olliffe) said...

Love that song!

John Wiswell said...

Thought this was about a succubus at first. No matter what she is, you never pee on an assassin.

Are you sure the first sentence is sound? I think maybe you meant "Its ringing brought Jeanette out of her trance"

Harry said...

You're right John, thanks.

Kevin Michaels said...

Excellent read and fun story! Love this Jeanette character - a lady with style who isn't afraid to pull the trigger....well done.

Steve Green said...

Hahaha! that Jeanette is one tough hombrette.

It would seem that the pea-shooter, is gonna be shooting the pee-shooter.

Stephen said...

Every woman has to know her limitations, and it seems like being pissed on is one of them for Jeanette. "Enough is enough." A great line to wrap this scene up. Looking forward to more of these, Harry. I hope she learns the whole truth and nothing but.

Alan W. Davidson said...

Great sequel to last weeks story, Harry. I had to laugh at the revelation when the poor sap 'met Virginia'...that's my wife's name.

Stephen said...

Hi there Harry -- love Virginia, Jeanette's sass and that sexy double-play. What kinda two-bit henchman needs diapers? Ick -- no wonder he had to go!

Real keen to see what you do with a serial.



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